Sexual Dysfunction Prevalence in Women with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Alireza Shafiee Kandjani, Mohammad Reza Hosseinpour, Hossein Daneshamooz, Habib Shoja, Leila Nikniaz


Background: Sexual dysfuntion is a common complication of diabetes and its psychiatric and physical affects may obligate a huge burden compromising patients’ matrimonial, inter-personal and marital relationships. Current study is aimed to evaluate the frequency of sexual dysfunctions in type 2 diabetic women during 2015-2016 in Tabriz, Iran. Materials and Methods: Current cross-sectional study evaluated data gathered from 18-45 years of age type 2 diabetic women attending diabetes care centres of Tabriz. Sample size was estimated to be 300 and the sampling process fulfilled using cluster sampling methods according to the inclusion criteria. Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) is used as the research tool. Descriptive data analysis were applied to achieve results using SPSS 20. Results: Non-parametric binominal tests reflects statistically significant decrease in sexual activity of the diabetic patients (p= 0.001). The probability of the catogry below the cut point was 1 which means that 100% of type 2 diabetic women suffer from sexual dysfunction. All items of sexual function are found to be below the average normal measurments. Conclusion: Type 2 diabetic women are vastly under the burden of sexual dysfunction, which affects their physical and psychological health. Current study showed the need to provide sufficient and available care services and organized education courses for diabetic women.


Diabetes Mellitus, Ssexual Dysfunction, Anorgasmia, FSFI, Marital Satisfaction

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