Vascular Rehabilitation Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris (TT), Taurine and High Dose Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) Supplementation with Interval Walking Training Program after Surgical Vascular Bypass Treatment (Pilot Study)

Sid Solakovic Solakovic, Ratko Pavlovic, Mensur Vrcic, Emir Solakovic


Background: Some of main raisons for the elderly graft occlusion after successful aortal-iliac, aortal Femoral and Femoral Distal Vein Bypass, progression of main disease, continuing bad life Habits and uncontrolled risk factors such are mostly: poor nutrition traditional or fast food, Smocking and Lacks of Walking and Physical Activity Habits. Objective: The primary objective of the study was to estimate influence of Interval Walking Training Program combine with Tribulus Terrestris, 3-5 gram of Taurine and high dose of 1800mg supplementation of ALA on primary potency and vascular treatment. Secondary goals of this study is determinate by establishing better understanding connection between ordinary vascular walking therapy 30-45 min and interval walking program combine with Tribulus Terrestris, Taurine and high dose of and ALA as secondary supplementation after surgical and endovascular treatment. Methodology: The study included 112 patients, at the Clinic of cardiovascular surgery, Clinical Center University of Sarajevo, age between 50 and 75 (50 patients surgical treated with aortic-iliac, aortic-femoral and femoral distal vein bypass with and without Linton-patch/Taylor patch-first group) and (62 endovascular Iliac treated patients (indication TASC II A and B) with and without support Tribulus Terrestris, high dose of ALA and Taurine - second group). Results: Final analysis has reveal the rehabilitation outcome in 83% patients with bypass above the knee was fully rehabilitated compared to 46,6% patients with bypass below the knee was statistically considered significant by using p value less than (p<0,05) In anamnestic history in 83% patient with amputation above the knee was documented the presence of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, nicotinismus and diabetes compared to 66,7% of patients with amputation level below the knee but there was no statistically significant difference (p>0,05). Conclusion: Interval Walking Training Program on Tribulus Terrestris, Taurine and high dose of ALA had a significantly and successfully higher bypass potency and rehabilitation prognosis compare to patients without supplementation and postsurgical physical therapy concept. It is obviously the is certain link between physical activity, life style modification and serum testosterone on primary bypass potency.


Vascular Artery Bypass, Inteval Training, Tribulus Terrestris, Taurine, Vascular Diseases

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