International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature

Founded in 2012, the International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature (IJALEL) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed international journal, published both electronically and in print. It covers the latest developments in the broad areas of English language, linguistics and literature. With its uniquely broad coverage, the journal offers readers free access to all the important new research relevant to language and literature. While IJALEL strives to maintain high academic standards and an international reputation through the suggestions of the international advisory board, it welcomes original, theoretical and practical submissions from all over the world. The audience includes, but not limited to researchers, managers and operators for languages, literature and linguistics as well as designers and developers.




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  1. Speech Disfluencies and Mispronunciations in English Oral Communication among Malaysian Undergraduates
  2. Digital Literacy and Identity Formation in 21st Century Classrooms: Implications for Second Language Development
  3. The Reading Strategies Used by Iranian ESP Students to Comprehend Authentic Expository Texts in English
  4. On the Semantic Prosody of Career Women in Chinese Web Reportage
  5. The Effect of Storytelling Technique on Speaking Ability of Female Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners
  1. The impact of technology (BBM and WhatsApp applications) on English linguistics in Kuwait
  2. Manufacturing industry employers' perception of graduates' english language skills proficiency
  3. The actuality, inefficiency, and needs of EFL teacher-preparation programs in Saudi Arabia
  4. Minimizing Cyber-Plagiarism through Turnitin: Faculty’s & Students’ Perspectives
  5. Conjunctions in Malaysian secondary school English language textbooks