Effects of the Number of Rules on the Quality of Fuzzy Logic Control of Induction Motor

Zainab Yunusa, Ado Dan-Isa, Yunusa Ali Sai'd, Reza Shoorangiz


This article reports on the investigation into the relationship between the number of rules for a triangular membership functions and quality of control of induction motor. To achieve this aim, a fuzzy logic controller was designed using the Fuzzy logic toolbox in MATLAB SIMULINK with 3, 5 and 7 rule based triangular membership functions respectively. A 50 HP, 460 V, 3-phase induction motor was used as the plant for the speed control. The FLC was incorporated into the SIMULINK model of MATLAB toolbox and simulation was carried out, response curves at the rated speed of 120 and 140 rad/sec at no-load were observed together with the stator currents curves respectively. The quality of the controller is defined by the performance indicators in the form of peak overshoot and settling time of the Fuzzy logic controller.

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