Path and Position Monitoring Tool for Indoor Robot Application

Ata Jahangir Moshayedi, Damayanti Chandrashekar Gharpure


Robot position monitoring and navigation with ease of use and implementation is a challenge for researchers. The Path and Position Monitoring system (PPMS) is designed for the robot Platform Mokhtar. The path followed by the robot during experimentation, is acquired and displayed graphically using PPMS. The System provides a log of the location (x, y), movement velocity, number of steps for each movement, along with the date and time as a text file. The data can be used to obtain the velocity and movement trajectory of robot for further study. The PPMS can be used for navigation or any other application in robotic studies. The paper presents the design and development of the system and its use in path monitoring of an autonomous wind tracking robot. Various experiments carried out and the results obtained are discussed.

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