About a Rare Case of Chronic Ankle Pain: Unusual Localization of the schwannoma

Naoufal Elghoul, Mohammed Benchakroun, Azzelarab Bennis, Omar Zaddoug, Ali Zine, Mansour Tanane, Abdeloihab Jaafar


Schwannoma in the lower limb is extremely rare and only few cases were reported., they are often overlooked in the first diagnosis and often confused with other common lesions in this localization. Herein we report a 62 years old man who presented pain and paresthesia on the lateral aspect of the ankle since 3 months. The clinical and radiological finding prompting the patient to undergo surgery in which an excisional biopsy of the mass of the leg was realized. The post-operative was uneventful. Two weeks later, the histopathological analysis was in favor of schwannoma with a good result at the last follow up. At last, we emphasis that schwannoma should be considered as a possible diagnosis in patient with chronic ankle pain, particularly if all other injury has been ruled out which can raises the awareness about this tumor.


Schwannoma, Leg, Ankle Pain

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7575/aiac.abcmed.v.8n.3p.29


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