Knowledge of Senior Dental Students on Odontogenic Infections

Seyed Ahmad Arta, Javad Yazdani, Milad Ghanizadeh, Shahrzad Seyvani, Mohamad Ali Ghavimi


Odontogenic infections are the most common infections that require early diagnosis and proper treatment. Given the sensitivity of the issue, the dental community needs to have correct information about the current status. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the knowledge of students in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences about the treatment of odontogenic infections in 2017. In this descriptive‒analytical study, all the senior students of Tabriz Faculty of Dentistry were evaluated. Data were collected using a questionnaire consisting of 20 questions related to students’ awareness about the treatment of odontogenic infection. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistics and chi-squared test. The results indicated that the mean knowledge score of the students was 8.64±2.6. Knowledge of 77.4 % of students was low, 20.8 % had moderate knowledge and 1.8 % had a high level of knowledge. There were no significant differences in knowledge between male and female students. Knowledge of senior dental students in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences was poor, with no difference between male and female students.


Knowledge, Dental Student, Odontogenic Infection

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